Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Purple Raglan....means....shaping fears

The Purple Raglan follows the practice ralgan. I'll keep you up to date as it knits along. This one will involve some shaping. I think this means I am pushing my knitting limits. It is kind of boring looking right now. I am going to have to knit some fun dishcloths or cowls betwixt and between rows of endless purple , or I'll go crazy.

Donna B asked for some help with the ball band dishcloth pattern from Mason Dixon. I have to say the best tip I have is to buy some highlighter tape! Print out the pattern and put it in a page protector. I highlight the row I am knitting, and move the tapes as I go. Helped me stay organized, as I could never really memorize the 12 row pattern. You begin with your main color for the first two rows, then you start Row 3 with another color, B. You knit a few rows with B and then switch back to A in another few rows. The A is always right there waiting for you at the right time and you just pick it up and start with A again when called for.

Does this help Donna? If you follow it word for word, it is a completely true pattern with no errata. Next dishrag for me might be a little fish dishrag. We'll see. I've only committed to purple Raglan for sure. And to watching the Cubbies every game I can, every inning I can. For as long.....as I can



Karen said...

You are more than talented enough for shaping on the Purple Raglan. It's going to be a breeze. :)

Anne said...

I love the heron. And the purple raglan will be a breeze!

Wool Winder said...

Hang on to baseball season as long as possible! My team is out of it, but I'll still enjoy the playoffs and the World Series. After that, I always feel a little lost until opening day.

Katherine said...

I love the purple. You will breeze through the shaping! Your friend in the tree is certainly regal. Is that near your house?

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you Kathy.
I should just dig in shouldn't I.
You see, the changing colors is not a problem. It's that little piece the is pulled over. That is what has me confused.

But like you said...one line at a time and I sould be okay.

That's how I felt about socks a few years ago. A very confusing pattern that was only do-able one line at a time.

Thank you!!!

Nell said...

Gorgeous heron!

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