Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

I guess I am spoiled. I can usually post and image with text very quickly at home. Here in the Nothwoods, things move very slowly. I wanted to show you the other baby sweater in bue that I am knitting. It is the same pattern, as the last, just differnt washable acrylic yarn. I'm afraid it will look like an ordinary storebought sweater. I will find a way to embellish it. Perhaps some ribbong for the ties instead of crocheting some ties. Hmmmm, maybe a crocheted something or other over the stockinette.

Sweaters that look machine knit do not appeal to me. I knit because I want that unique look that says, handknit. If I look through patterns and think, "I can buy that at Kohls, Penneys, Gap or Carson's" I don't want that pattern. It has to pass the mass produced test.

What do you look for in your knitting?

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Emily said...

Utility and classic design usually. Except for socks. With socks I'll try almost anything.

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