Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do you love buttons?

Jill is Al's best friend. You know how a friend of your daughter or son can sometimes feel like your own, NOT IN A CREEPY WAY, over the years? Well, I just love Jill. She reads the blog and is a lurker. That isn't why I love her though, altho I am a fan of anyone who reads this little blog. This is her understated and lovely blanket. I think it is wonderful. Can you guess what yarn she is using? I'll bet you can't!

Next topic: I'm Meeting Major Knitter Jennifer from CT today. I'm not nervous. I just am pondering how I can manage to meet Jennifer to knit and yet Irisheyes Lynn and I can't manage to get together! (being on vakay helps)

Next topic: My knitting was insulted by my sister, yesterday. She doesn't read the blog. She didn't MEAN it, but she told me the decreases on the blue baby sweater were so noticeable she wouldn't give it as a gift. Well, didn't that just make my knit heart break....
Jill disagreed. (did I tell you I love Jill? She said the color was so pretty and it was a great sweater) . Now, I had purchased some little yellow star buttons to decorate the sweater. I sewed them on and I decided if I washed the sweater it would be all better. Well, the buttons all came off in the wash. The sweater washed beautifully. Still, I have won't be knitting with Berroco comfort again. Yes it is soft, but splitty and has that shiny acrylic look that Al despises. As for buttons, I"m giving them away.

I fight with buttons all the time. I'm having a little button giveaway. Do you love buttons? Do you love to add them to your knits? I have a few buttons to give away. I'm not knitting anything with buttons again for a long time.

And I'm not saving them for someday. I think I'll look through the comments and just give them to one of you. So, regulars, who loves buttons and uses them?

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Ling said...

I think the blue baby sweater looks beautiful. It looks like a beautiful handknit which someone has lovingly spent time to make.

I personally don't like buttons on baby things, only because I'm never sure whether the buttons will come off and be a choking hazard. Otherwise, I love buttons - all sorts of buttons. I have button jars just cos it looks so pretty.

Kathy said...


Thanks. I do think about the choking business too!
Another good reason for ME not to fuss with buttons. :)

Alyssa said...

I think the little sweater looked adorable!

As for buttons, I just sewed some on a new cardigan for my little baby girl. I sew them around and around and around and around to be sure they won't come off. I always love how they look, I just drag my feet when it is time to add them. :)

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

I love buttons. Buttons on mittens, buttons on hats....buttons on bags and buttons on rags. Buttons on shirts and buttons on skirts. Did I mention that I love buttons LOL

Katherine said...

My guess on the blanket would be Wool Ease. I love that stuff because the knitted fabric is so soft and smooth. As for buttons, I have collected them for years. I think they are so pretty to look at, but I rarely use them--just admire them!

Looking forward to hearing about your meeting with Major Knitter!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I do buttons I was buying a major amount of buttons earlier today!!!

guiltypleasures said...

That comment sucked. Sounds like something my sisters would say. Isn't family wonderful?

I haven't had any issues (yet) with buttons, so I don't love or hate them ... yet.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Hi Kathy

I never tried Berocco thus far - but I can imagine how you feel. I do use buttons - for cardigans and shoulder closing sweaters (for my youngest son) I usually sew them up so that he can't bite them off - and believe me, he does try!

I love the blanket though that Al's friend made.

Pat K said...

I haven't used buttons on a knit item in years, but I have to find some baby buttons for my first BSJ. I'll probably have to go to Tucson to find them, unless I get very lucky around Walmart here.

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