Friday, April 04, 2008

Has anyone seen the laptop?

I finished the fixation fight. I think I won. I know I was supposed to rotate projects to help my wrists. I could see the end, though, and that was it. I pushed through the pain. ( no eipidural this time either....) FO. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Here's a sweet thought. My Dairy Bar Ice Cream stand opens tomorrow. Spring is really here. Has yours opened?

Waiting for my wee tiny sweet sock too!

Here's a Sweet recipe for you. (Lynne's IWKTIMMW)

Makes your favorite brownies.
Buy a box of Andes mints.
Unwrap them and place them atop the hot brownies.
Cover in foil 5 minutes.
Remove foil, swirl melted mints all around to cover brownies.
Cool. Enjoy.


Bea said...

looks good. I imagine you are extra happy to be done with that yarn!

Nell said...

The Andes trick works great on chocolate chip cookies too. Yum!

Kathy said...

Nell, now did you have to tell me that about chocolate chip cookies? THANKS. I'll try it!

Elizabeth said...

Oh those brownies (and the cookies) sound so good! Kathy, love the colors in your latest project. It is hard not to plunge ahead when you are so close to the finish line. Glad your wrist made it through ok.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

I love the colours :-) Gives me Spring feelings...

Ling said...

Yay for finishing! And it looks great too.

I can't wait for Spring to arrive, we're expecting snow in London tomorrow. Joy!

Off to try the recipe. Hmmmmm..

Grace Yaskovic said...

i am sitting here with an upset stomach and all I can think about is those brownies with mint on them, Mint settles your stomach right, so it would be theraputic!!!!

guiltypleasures said...

During the winter holidays, Andes mints come in "chip" form so I add them to my brownie batter before baking. I like the idea of melting them on top of the brownies though too. Delish.

What a lucky laptop!

Kathy said...


You are sick again? I must reverse the curse or something. What is going on. ????????? Hmmmmmm.

Emily said...

The brownies sound delicious! I like the stripey laptop case - glad you managed to finish it.

ellen said...

Oh yumyum ! Mint Brownies sound SO good! Gotta try it, and my laptop needs a cover, too. I think THAT'S my next project right there--I just don't know whether to make a felted one or've got me thinking, tho!! Glad your wrist is mending!!

Hege said...


I stuff my knitted toys with polyester filling.

Have a great Sunday!

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