Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fashionable Knitting Deer

This Deer little ornament hangs on the tree,
Irisheyes Lynn gave this cute gift to me,
She gave another deer knitter to Al,
Lynn's a good knitter, good boss, and good pal.

As for the socks that are still being knit,
I thought I had run out of yarn, and I quit,
Sometning inside me knew there must be some more,
I looked through the stash and I pulled up the floor,

I searched in each bag and each tote I had stash in,
my whole Cara sock plan was coming down crashin',
and there in the bottom of one little basket,
I saw the small ball and I reached out and grasped it.

It was the rest of the colorway and I knew , I just knew
Cara would not just have one sock, she now would have two!
I can finish the knitting tomorrow, I think,
and the Christmas blog rhyming may end then,
wink wink


Anonymous said...

Then rhyming can't end when the socks are done,
Reading them is just to much fun.
Maybe, just take a break for a while,
And then rhyme some more to make us all smile.


Irisheyes Lynn said...

Immortalized in rhyme as a good knitter (and good boss, too)! I'm so honored! Merry Christmas, Kath and Al!

Karen said...

Love the ornament and the rhymes. Merry Christmas!

Bernadette said...

Cute reindeer and storybook rhyming! You may just get a rep as the rhyming blogger, and have to keep at it! :) Glad to hear the sock will have a partner and Cara will have a pair of Christmas socks!Merry Christmas to you all!

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