Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What have you lost????

I've lost a pair of fingerless gloves! Imagine Charlie Brown with a buuble that says "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" in frustration. We've already back tracked and checked the diner where I took them off to eat. Have you lost a wonderful hand knit?????

The sister vest wouldn't even co-operate with the final photo session. The color is most true in this shot. It is going in the mail to my sister by the weekend. Good riddens! For all the complaining I've done, I'll bet you were expecting some intricate cableknit. .....The finisher, Julie, at 3 Bags Full did a fine job putting in the zipper.

When said sister was in for Thanksgiving and saw another pair of my fingerless gloves she fussed over them. So much so, that I told her to take them.
I'd rather her have them, knowing she liked the yarn and thumb, rather than adding another to my TO DO list. I'll knit myself another when my list is not so long right now.......and it won't be involve any pressure that way. Do you know what I mean?


Karen said...

Gorgeous vest!! Sorry about your lost mitts. I haven't misplaced any hand-knits yet - but I know I'll be heartbroken when I do.

Karen said...

No lost hand-knits here (knocking on wood). I do hope you find them. The vest looks great! And I'm all for no pressure knitting.

Bernadette said...

So sorry to hear about your lost mitts. I lost my favorite pair a while ago - last season. I was quite upset, even though they weren't perfect, because I love the colorway. Then they popped up again a few weeks ago, in the pockets of a jacket I hadn't worn in ages! (I had been sure they were gone forever.) I hope you have the same good luck, anmd they turn up soon!

The vest looks beautiful, and the zipper is nicely done! I like the earthy colors. I am sure your sister will be very happy!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

I agree with Bernadette!

Jill said...

Oh,no! Sorry to hear about the lost mitts. My lost handknit was last fall (right after I started knitting, actually). I'd made my first pair of mittens ever for my 3 yr. old son, complete with I-cord to connect them. We wore them out **the first day** and managed to lose them at Target! No idea why they were out of the jacket in the first place...I didn't realize they were missing for a few days and that's when I realized where we must have left them. :( Oh, so sad. I feel for you! --hugs--

Emily said...

The vest turned out so well! I am very sad about your lost mitts - I have lost a single hand-knit sock (which, in my opinion is far more aggravating than losing a pair of something).

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