Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I needed to think about yarn subsitutions today. Irisheyes Lynn has okay'd my plan, so I am feeling good. I want to make a circle vest that I saw someone wearing at Stitches Midwest. The pattern is from knittyknottynj.com .

Yarn used: Noro. Kochoran.
I know .....there is no substitue for Noro.....BUT the budget is important.
I looked around a bit and decided since I am in love with kettledyed Malaabrigo big yarn, maybe that would be a good, economical choice.
I need about 550-600 yards .

I wonder if many of you substitute yarns? Have you substituted when NORO was the recommendation?

The yellow tree is outside my kitchen window. For any of you that don't get a color change with your autumn. I would never subtitute a deciduous with a evergreen.....Im not that crazy.


suburban prep said...

I am loving the change of the leaves this season. It may have come late to the Chicago area but it is here now.

Jenni said...

You read my mind. I was just thinking about what to substitute for that Noro!

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