Tuesday, November 06, 2007


First thing, the Holiday sock yarn is getting impatient. Sister Vest knitting remains uninterrupted. And you know what, I keep hearing people encourage me to knit through the mistakes.

I Knit at Al's Satrbucks the other day. I snapped a quick photo of her working, to show you, and the manager immediately let me know I'd violated a serious Starbucks Corp rule: NO PHOTOS. I felt the need to show her as I deleted it from the digital. Oops. Well, I guess there will be no Starbucks guest bloggers....ever. Guess they don't know what an honor it is to get a guest blog spot here on irisheyes. sigh. I respect it, kind of. After all they aren't Mother THeresa. (she didnt want photos)

Anyhow I got a little stuck and Asked Al for a teensy weensy bit of help during her shift. I know, I am completely oblivious to my surroundings when I knit. I hadn't noticed the cars lined up, and the Sunday morning line inside the store too. She stopped me halfway to the counter, with a slient "MOM NO!" and a slow, unmistakeable headshake.

So I had to go back and wonder if i'd made a mistake for the rest of my Daylight Savings Time allotment.
I was complicating things again. I was told to bind off a certain number of stitches at several points in the row. I kept wondering if the pattern writer had taken into account the tricky BO counting issues. So I forged ahead. I took it that SHE was probably right in her count.

Al has told me to keep knitting, right through the mistakes. Today's MASON-DIXON blog post heralded a color guru who aslo promotes knitting through mistakes. Irisheyes lynn's cousin Maureen always teaches her students to quit ripping it out and get on with it. OKay so do you? Knit through a mistake that is? I have one knitter friend, of german and english heritage who does NOT believe in knitting so. She's the one who is always examining my FO's and pointing out the error of its ways. I love her anyhow.

And one other thing....since this is hodgepodge . I love the smell of flax soap. Does anyone know of a candle that smells like you just cleaned your house with flax soap? It is okay with me if the flax soap people capitolize on this idea. It will save me lots of cleaning time that I could be ......well, knitting .


Nell said...

Wow. I wouldn't think Starbucks would be worried about corporate spying since they clearly rule the coffee work!

~Kristie said...

Oh Starbucks .. that's such a stupid rule. If I get my MacBook for Christmas, I'm going to set it up like I'm "working" and then take a photo with the laptops built in camera to post on my blog. That will show them. Or not.

Knitting through mistakes is in direct proportion to what the project is. If I think nobody will see it or notice it, I just keep knitting. Unless I'm having an anal day & then I rip back. It really depends.

Beverly said...

I don't knit through mistakes. Every time I look at the item my eyes would immediately go to the mistake so I do my best to rip back and fix them. That's the perfectionist streak in me.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

What a beautiful skein you have over there! I love Christmas colours :-D

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