Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Round obsession

This was my dishrag gift from Jill during dishrag tag. I love it. There are rules about this dishrag. You cannot use it on greasey things, spaghetti things or chocolate.

I finished my sister's sweater. Sigh of relief. When you knit a big warm sweater in the round, the sleeve knitting involves turning (or more accurately Throwing) the entire garment around just about every time you end a double point. You'll get to see it when I give it to her soon.

I finished the twins' hats . I finished a binkie blankie for another co-worker.

There is nothing on my needles.....but not for long........I want to make another dishrag. In the round this time, of course.


Bernadette said...

"Binkie Blankie" - Is that smaller than a regular baby blanket or baby afghan? (i.e., more like a "lovey", for a baby to cuddle the way Linus in Peanuts used his blanket??)

Your dishcloth is cute! It would never last in my house - males don't follow those kind of rules, and that's all we have in this house(besides me)! It'd be a dishRAG in no time!! ;) I'd have to keep it aside and not let them find it!

~Kristie said...

Rules for your dishcloth? Good luck with that one. ;-)

Nell said...

Nice dishcloth. I haven't seen a round one before. Pretty cool!

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