Monday, September 24, 2007

Put it on!

Meggie, Al's cousin got her cute poncho yesterday. She was a bit partied out by this time. She had NO desire to wear it for a picture despite her mom telling her through gritted teeth, "Put it ON!"

Al is saying, "Oh she doesn't have to, don't worry."

3 year old birthday parties are so much fun when it isn't your 3 year old! We had a gorgeous warm day for the party.

I made Buffalo Wing Dip.......mmmmmmmmm. Have you tried it? Do you use cheddar or monterey Jack? do you use Louisiana hot sauce or something else? Chips or celery sticks?


Karen said...

Buffalo Wing Dip??? Sounds yummy. I would definitely make it if I had the recipe (*hint, hint*). Maybe I would use a cheddar / jack mix. And Louisiana hot sauce. And definitely chips (I hate the taste of celery sticks.)

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Never tried Buffalo Wing Dip but it sure sounds delicious!

My! I feel tired... Traveling 500 kilometers on one day sure takes energy the day after...( we were in Drachten yesterday to visit parents in law...250 km up North)

Jennifer said...

Aw - it's so cute. Maybe it would have received a better reception from the 3 year old if there had been a matching little poncho for her teddy bear or doll. It's so cute that I'm sure she'll never take it off once she starts wearing it.

Bernadette said...

It was quite warm here in NY today... Maybe she felt it was too hot for a poncho yet (even a gorgeous handmade one). :)

Beth said...

That poncho is adorable! And I've just realized Bloglines isn't seeing you for me. :(

~Kristie said...

Adorable poncho!

I've never made the buffalo wing dip, but when I've had it at restaurants, I love celery sticks.

Lynne said...

We make that dip all the time around these parts (Buffalo and all). So, Franks Louisiana Hot Sauce, shredded/chunky-ish chicken, and tortilla chips. I seriously could eat an entire dish of it, but any more than a taste and I'm in agony for the rest of the night. It's sooooo good.

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