Monday, September 03, 2007

Postcard Contest Winners announced Labor Day!

First prize goes to Marcia at the MacaroniMonologues. She wanted the Koigu. Enjoy Marcia. The postcard came from LongBeach California. Send me your snail mail Marcia. Email me @

Second prize to : LING from London. Ling wins the Socks That Rock Ruby from IrisheyesLynn. Send me that snail mail Ling. Your postcards sent just days before you had your little girl were especially appreciated! Email me at the above address.

Third prize to : Debbear62. Deb sent great postcards including these turkeys. Same goes for you deb. Send me your snail mail. Then your MindYourKnitting polka dot bag and Binder will be sent right out to you. Deb sent her card from Middlesex MA.

Honorable mention has to go to the St. Agnes Baking Post card,and The Marriott hotel 1970s vintage postcard. Oh it was a hoot. I sent it back to Hanna because it belonged to her grandparents and she kind of wished she hadn't sent it.

Prizewinners were drawn at random by AL, under the supervision of Huck.

I loved getting the mail all summer. Thanks for lots of fun on my end. Next contest will be a bit less involved for all of you.

For now, thanks to all who played.

Happy Labor Day. I'm so glad my whole family has today off. Hope you do too.


Anne said...

Thanks for a very fun contest! It was great... congrats to the winners!

Kim said...

It was a fun contest. Who's getting the watermelon? LOL!

Ling said...

Hurray! It's the first time I've won anything from a contest!! Thanks so much for organising it. Thanks to Al for picking me!!

Jennifer said...

I loved this contest. It got me thinking about sending out snail mail. Great idea!

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