Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moose and Squirrel

For those of you old enough to recall Bullwinkle, I give you Moose. (squirrel was dead on the front lawn yesterday.....) This is the Debbie Bliss #4 Moose Jacket. Although Al made gauge this child's pattern is very large. She'll be frogging it and starting over. Since it is a Christmas gift, she has some time.

My neighbor informed me that she had to finish her Christmas shopping today. I just smiled and nodded. I could barely get out of bed this morning, let alone think about Holiday shopping. I pick things up here and there during the year, but I do not find most gifts until after Thanksgiving. To each his own. (My mom's favorite saying)

I still have to put up the Halloween things. Oh, and by the way, the Halloween tiny candies are really bad for me to have around at night when I am knitting.......they are just small enough to justify.......

I'm ready to have a few things on the needles at once.

What are you knitting? Got that fall feeling yet? Had any Halloween candy yet?


monica said...

I think most of the Debbie Bliss patterns are WAY oversized I have made a few of them, and found this to be the case anyway.

I am still waiting for the fall temps to get here so I can get into that fall feeling, although it is a tad cooler today only in the high 70's

No Halloween candy here ....yet :)

Anonymous said...

The weather may not be cold yet, but I'm knitting socks and a big blanket.. and excessively eating candy corn. I've almost finished this bag..

Pat K said...

Oh, yes, the candy is out. And one of our local stores already has the Christmas candy out....

Bernadette said...

How did you know??? (Grin) I was in the supermarket last night, and bought a bag of Twix mini's... for me!

Fall is not here yet... The other day the temp hit 90, and we are still having 80's in mid-day. I hope we are not going to have another very warm winter, like last year (it was balmy until January). And some still insist there is no global warming!!

I have started Dashing from knitty for my husband (men's fingerless gloves). Still working on my knit purse, too.

I have not made any Debbie Bliss patterns - it's good to know they run large. It's a shame Al will have to frog the sweater... especially with the lovely colorwork she's already done. I'll have to get busy soon on twin #2's sweater. I have plenty of lavender yarn, but the girls at work said mom loves to dress one little girl in purple (lavender will be perfect) and the other in pink. So I think I am going to do sweater #2 in pink.

HAve a great weekend! Happy Knitting!

Karen said...

It's a little cooler today, but I knit socks year round so the weather doesn't stop me. Maybe I'll start back up on my son's sweater. No Halloween candy here.

Ling said...

It's a shame it's got to be frogged, as it's looking good. I haven't had the time to think about Christmas yet!

Emily said...

No Halloween candy yet, but there were advent calendars at World Market yesterday. Right next to the Halloween candy. Sigh.

PS Great dish rag rules by the way!

~Kristie said...

I'm trying (no, really I am) to stay away from the Halloween candy. It's so difficult though with a hubby who adores the stuff though.

As for fall knitting, I've just cast-off a sweater and am getting ready to cast-on for another one next week. I'm so glad the cooler weather is coming!

Christmas shopping complete? How do people do that? It's much more fun to Christmas shop when you're wrestling other people for the same last item on the shelf.

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