Monday, September 10, 2007

I've nothing to show!

But Al does. She's wanted to knit this 3 Penny in an older Interweave for awhile now. I'm still going around and around with my sister's sweater. I did get the collar knit, and started a sleeve on the raglan. I am making progress....

But I'm bored. I want to start a new pair of pretty socks or a quick hat. I feel like I am on a diet. I must push on.....My sister is going to love this sweater.

Like Donna from Quiet Life, I had a hummingbird visitor on Saturday. I was giddy about it. He was having a drink at my bizzy lizzies. That is what my sister calls impatients. The day I see an owl I'll be breaking ALL my knitblog rules and dedicating the whole post to those elusive beautiful creatures. How do you lure and owl to your yard?


Breien in Lansingerland said...

Hi Kathy

First, a thank you for the lovely surprise! I was stunned! (I am posting on my weblog tomorrow, but I wanted to send you a really big hug for your gift!)

I also saw you are bored... why not join Mittenskal? I am hosting a mystery kal there with a design of my own!
Just posted the second part there, and repeated the first, you can join in directly (((hugs))) Bianca

Julia said...

You can lure your owl out, get a recording of owls and play it at dark and wait for an answer - or learn the species calls for your area and give a hoot. Take a flash light, but don't use it till you have drawn them in. Good luck and this might help too:

Kathy said...


I'll be checking out the mittens. Thanks


Thank you for the owl information. Maybe I'll get a call tape for Christmas ......I'll put it in my mail to santa.

Beverly said...

We had owls and owlets for about 3 years. They just appeared from nowhere. It was fascinating to see them come out at dusk.

We cut down the trees that they were in the backyard and haven't seen them since. You'd look out the window and one would be perched on the basketball pole or looking at you from the trees as you stood in the window.

monica said...

Well, I am clueless as to how to attract an owl to your yard. Sorry no help there. But how unusual to still have hummingbirds in Sept. I haven't seen one in at least 2 weeks.

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