Monday, August 06, 2007

She's eyeing me for Weakest Link.....

I have only one knit on the needles right now. I have to focus. I am part of Dishrag Tag. I've never been too good on teams. However, team playing experience, was not a prerequisite to be part of YarnMiracle's Dishrag Tag summer fun. (betcha she's gonna change the rules next time!)

When the Dishrag Team box arrives at my house, I have to stop everything and knit a nice dishrag Then I send it to the next team member. The first team to get their box across the country wins.

I have been looking at pretty dishrag patterns without regard to TIME. All those patterns are out the window now. What was I thinking?

I was chatting with a gentleman on vacation, who is a mailman on the night shift. I asked him if he knew about the knitters sending socks around the country by mail and now dishrag tag. He laughed fairly politely but with a hint of these people are nuts, and said he had no idea.

He told me about live chicks being sent in the mail and bees. Now, we once had ducklings for Easter gifts as kids. It was our lesson in why farm animals didn't belong in a house. All I remember is the stench of those ducklings droppings on the newspaper that I had to change twice a day. I don't know how the postmen handle the smell. Or, do chicks in the mail refrain from pooping? Someone has already thought this through I am CERTAIN.

Anyhow, the dishrags are already flying around the country as of August first.

I hope the box doesn't arrive the day before I work a 12 hour shift....I do have priorities. I have to go to work. So Weakest Link lady, go find someone else. I am not going to be the weakest link. GoodBYE!


Mary Ann said...

I'm sure you are not going to be the weakest link. Let us know when you get the box, and we send strong knitterly vibes your way.

Karen said...

My leader got her box, now the rest of us wait. I've been checking out the patterns too, can't settle on the one I want to make yet (have to see that yarn first). Good luck! I hope I'm not the weakest link in my group.

Ling said...

I don't think you'll be the weakest link at all!

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Maybe your really nice supervisor will let you knit at work! (Clinical coordinators have their priorities too, you know!)

Donna Boucher said...

I liked your entry today at Ree's contest.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Ah... the dishrag :-) I have read about it, but unfortunately international members can't play along. Ah well :-)

Emily said...

You can DO it! Woot! Yaaay!

(I need to make up a cheer.)

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