Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Of postcards, and yarn gifts and information

This is a catch-up blog day. Whereby I rattle off a few unrelated but knitterly things in my life.
1. I'm in a organizational mood. (hence the numerics)
2. I think of myself as organized. ( I'm fooling myself. But I make small efforts to prove it )
3. I want to start with Beverly's (insert superlatives here) prize yarn. Go visit her blog:
4. The sky blue skein is her best handspun to date. She GAVE it away.....
5. Why blog about knitting? The generosity in comments and prizes on knit blogs is abundant.
6. The sock yarn she sent is completely earthy and Allison and I may fight over it.
7. I am excited, in turn to pick my yarn winner for Postcard contest. You still have time.
8. The postcard shown is mine....neighbor and model Mary gave me a booklet of Grand Canyon postcards.
9. Many of you have noted how difficult it is to find postcards today. Let's hope it is not a thing of the past. I love a postcard.
10. Places I have found them: little shops in the Northwoods, Borders, Museums, Restaurants.
11. Deadline: Labor Day in the US of A.
12. Kathy's Kreations in PA, had the Bryson needles I love.
13. Service at Kathy's over the phone, was great. Quick delivery time. Couple of free patterns from Kathy as well. I'll order more from her.
14. For those of you looking for the One Seam Teddy Bear pattern: try googling Blah, blah, blahhing:My Own Pattern II: One Seam Teddy Bear. It should come right up.
15. Stitches Midwest is this weekend. I promise, an usual view of the event.
16. I have a new place to put my yarn. It isn't an apothacary table. Not even close. Stay tuned.
17. Al's nursing classes won't allow for normal work hours soon. She won't be working at 3 Bags Full soon.
18. Al has had a great experience with everyone at 3Bags Full.
19. They'll still see me often and Al sometimes too!
20. Al will always have those women knit into her heart.


Kim said...

That's some beautiful yarn. Great job on the link! =)

Jen W!~ said...

I'm working on my postcard and hope to have it in the mail Friday.

The Knitstress said...

Stitches Midwest?!! I am just pea green with envy!!! We better get a good report of it. Enjoy and think of me here in Texas no Stitches.

Beverly said...

Glad you like your prize!!

hege said...

I hope you have received my card! It's easy to find postcards when you live in a touristy area :) So lucky to go to Stitches! So jealous. I went a long time ago to stitches east, it was a tiny bit closer then, and I still have yarn goodies left! Have fun!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Did you receive my cards already? When I get the chance (hopefully soon) I'll send you some from Rotterdam as well.

Love, Bianca

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