Thursday, August 23, 2007

My new Sock golden retrievers from ieLynn

Eye spy......
Irisheyes Lynn also gave me these golden retriever sock goodies. Huckie is trying to fool you , see him?

A couple of things:

I have not succumbed to the CUBS win streak at all. I pity the fools who are getting all caught up in it. Nope, still not a Cub fan anymore. If I have to pick a team in their division, its Milwaukee that I'll hope for.

Ive been tagged. Enough said. I think I'm ready. In honor of Husband cyclist I choose a Broken Rib Dish Rag pattern. Waiting for the box! I have to work 12 hours tomorrow......has anyone ever tried those super caffeine colas? I'd ingest it in the name of the team....

Finally, a little contest. My friend Jody reminded me on my quest for portion control and balance in life in general that: "More than enough is a feast." It is her favorite quote.

Quick be the first to tell me who originally said this. You win a little prizey!


Elaine said...

OK - a bit of googling says that it comes from:
The Association Review
By American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf and here is the webpage to prove it:

PurlingPirate said...

Ha! Well I was gonna say Mary Poppins until I saw Elaine's comment!

Irisheyes Lynn said...

I was going to say Mary Poppins too!

monica said...

I thought it was Mary Poppins too.
I have never tried the high octane colas, but even the caffeine in a code red mt dew makes my heart race, so I am afraid to try the other ones. Good luck with your cloth, I am sure you will do fine.
Love your sock blockers, they are almost as pretty as Huck.

Petra (GGP) said...

AWWW!!! I see his little eyes! SO DANG CUTE! (Both! The Pup and the cool sock blockers.)

Elaine said...


Me again - by the way, the book I cited was published in 1900 - pretty interesting once you read the context of the quote.

I personally would relate it to stash building. Never would have thought of Mary Poppins - thought it was someone's husband talking about their stash.

The sock-blockers are fab and the eyes make it absolutely perfect, by the way.

Karen said...

I Spy With My Little Eye...Huck! Great blockers...great picture. Two postcards on their way to you as I type!

Elaine said...

Hi Yet again,

I'm feeling so so so tacky but not tacky enough to not post this.

I'm leaving town and may or may not have any internet access for 2 weeks. Here I am a lurker, I jump in with the answer to your question since you mention the 5 letter word (prize).

So, in case there really was a prize and I'm the winner, I won't be able to get in touch with you for maybe as much as 2 weeks. I looked all over for a way to e-mail you be alas.

Anyway, you have a great blog you 3. I really do enjoy it. I wish I could manage mine as well or had a couple of partners to help.

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