Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Purrrrrfect mini-socks

The ever elusive Fiona modeled Al's mini sock in Lorna's Laces pink and blue.
I love the cables in this sock. I know I should share the pattern, and I will, but it is early and Al is sleeping. Stay tuned please.

If you read the comments from the previous post regarding the letter B, you would meet Breier from the Netherlands. She introduced me to their holiday chocolate letter tradition.....I can always use a new chocolate tradition. :)

In UFO department I am still trying to finish my sister's zippered vest. I won't allow myself anything else on the needles until it is finished...:(

This is my new end of posts message:
Babies need blood all the time. Won't you donate some blood today?


Jen!~ said...

Very pretty sock, love the colors and kitty is adorable.

Karen said...

What a cute sock . . . and the perfect size for a little kitty!!

Jennifer said...

Too, too funny. Puss in Boots! Great PSA about being a blood donor.

monica said...

What a great picture of the cat modeling the beautiful socks. Kudos to you for your determination in regards to the vest. I wish I had that kind of strength.

yarnmaniac said...

I have threatened to make socks for my it.

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