Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knitting cables ....Al is...that is

This is the hooded cardigan on the cover of the Book. Al says it is easy and the directions are straight forward. The errata is clearly inserted when you buy the book. She would have preferred that there was a chart. Who's child is she?
Prefers a chart....She is knitting with ARAUCANIA nature wool in this brownie like color. There is a bit of colorchange to the yarn. Imagine, the edges of the brownie are dark and the middle is that lighter less cooked color.

In an effort to play nice, I am not sharing any images of the 17 year phenomenon here in my town. Emily, my garden swap partner gets creeped out, so email me if you must have a cool shot of them and I'll send you one snail mail! (kathy b = harpnut@gmail.com)


Anonymous said...

Have seen those little critters in the backyard of a house in Riverwoods and in my sisters houses on the North Shore.
Love the sweater

Karen said...

Those red googily eyed creatures freak me out so I don't want pics either. The sweater looks great Al.

Alisha said...

I love the sweater....great color!

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