Monday, April 23, 2007

Will the bunny posts ever end?????

In the first scene we find the Incredible Huck on a "leave it" command. One little bunny just isn't ready to leave the nest. The rest are gone. This one wants more time before he ventures out on his own. I think you all know how I feel about this! He can stay until he's ready to go!

But, really, I don't think I'll ever have another dog like Huck. Every little bit of him quiverred as he obeyed me and disobeyed every canine instinct he had to catch that littly squeaky toy that smells so good to him.

In the last scene, we see Radar enjoying a day on the porch and modeling AL's scarf made from the yarn the Easter bunny gave her. I love the ruffle she put on the ends of the scarf. It is incredibly soft yarn.

Remember, you're nobunny till some bunny comments you!


Karen said...

Oh what a cute little bunny!!!! I know how happy he is that you saved him from the big doggie!! :)

~Kristie said...

You are *so* lucky that he didn't touch it. Huck is much better behaved than my dog. She would have had it in her mouth and tossing it in the air like it was a toy or something.

Radar is beautiful and definitely so is the scarf. Nice detail on the end!

Pat K said...

Huck is such a good dog!

Lynne said...

Good boy, Huck! Our Moses is the same way...I love that quivering!

Kim said...

Huck surely designs some reward for not snarfing up the little unsuspecting bunny!

Katherine said...

My Jack Russell whould have quivered through about 10 seconds of "leave it" before connecting mouth with bunny. Good boy Huck!

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