Thursday, April 12, 2007

Twister Fate

There isn't much I can say that will be more interesting than the Knitstress' account of her Knitgroup meet up at her local Starbucks. Her blog is (Diane, just type that in your address bar and her blog should come up) I wish I knew how to post a link. Try this:

The cute cowgirl needle case was brought to me by the Easter Bunny. She is one smart wabbit.


Betsy said...

Thanks for the comment! The border is giving me fits but I think I might be almost done. I absolutely adore the cowgirl needle case. That easter bunny was on top of things this year.

Kim said...

To post a link in Blogger, there are two ways.

If you are looking at the edit view where there are buttons above the text box to do Bold, Italic, etc., then one of them looks like a little globe with a link. Highlight the word you want to be a link, and then click the globe. It will pop up a little window where you type the address; after you've done that, click OK and it should work (you can't test it until you've published the blog entry).

The other way is to switch to the other view where the code is. If you know where you want it, you can use HTML tags.

will create the link. I'm not sure it's going to come through the comment widget; it might convert it instead. But if you want you can email me and I can email you the code snippet.

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