Wednesday, April 18, 2007

rhymes with think

Wink: almost the name of the yarn I bought yesterday. I kept telling the woman trying to help me that the name of the yarn was wink. oops it is WICK. Wait til' I show my new sock colors. I love this yarn.

Tink: Knit....backwards. A new blog term I learned yesterday: Tink means to take your knitting back stitch by stitch. (as opposed to frogging with abandon)

Link: Something I haven't yet mastered, but I will dear reader, for you!

Kink: As in my neck. I need a massage.

Shrink: My Knitpicks sock yarn. Sadly the socks are pretty much felted now and would fit a toddler. 2 pair no less. :(

Ker-plink: sound of double point hitting the floor. Makes it easier to find.

Sink: Chicago Cubs.....

Jinx: Chicago Cubs....

Blink: Not what the baby bunny did while I took his picture for the blog. See his eyes?

anymore to add? Feel free.


Karen said...

Stink: The weather we are having here in New England (rain, rain . . . and oh, some more rain)


Allison said...

Blink and you'll miss that bunny. It took me a while to figure out what the picture was of. They are very cute though, I hope that Huck doesn't eat them!

Lynne said...

Drink. Even though I don't, there are days I wish I did!

monica said...

I had to look for a minute to before I saw the bunny eye. At first I thought maybe you had found a family of baby skunks, as in stink rhymes with think. I was relieved for you when I saw it was a bunny face.

Anonymous said...

PINK- How tickled I feel when I see and read your blogs !

KT said...

Think--of a rhyme. Oh...nope. The bunny is super-cute! By the way, what KnitPicks sock yarn shrank?

Pat K said...

Sweet little bunny! I almost couldn't find him!

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