Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Japanese Magazine turns out to be Crochet....

My nephew gave us the Japanese Knitting Magazine this past weekend. Turns out the very bright boy on a engineering scholarship, didn't know he bought a crochet magazine, not a knitting magazine. I didn't bring it up. Just thanked him so much for schlepping it across the world for us. I certainly didn't ask him to bring it back and exchange it!

Truth be told since I am crocheting a bit too these days, the magazine was fascinating. Look how they chart crochet. Very readable I think. The photography in this journal is pretty much unlike anything I've seen in our Knitting Magazines. Every single page is a beauty.


Beverly said...

Japanese charts are very readable. I used to crochet doilies from them years ago. Their knitting patterns are also charted which greatly simplifies things.

Good luck with the translation!

Jennifer said...

I have always loved Japanese knitting and crochet magazines. They're charts are amazing. It makes me feel like something is missing when I look at another pattern in English and don't see the wonderful graphics.

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