Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do birds prefer silk, wool or acrylic?

I wish I could remember the knitblogger who posted about offering leftover yarns to the birds for nesting. It was a fun idea and I've decided to copy you. Now, I offered 3 yarns this morning: silk, wool and acrylic. Let's see what my local birds prefer. Consideing it is supposed to snow tonight, I'm betting on the wool.

Many of you share my love of dogs and cats. I am going to use a different groomer for Huck. Has anyone tried a mobile pet groomer? How do you find a good groomer?


Betty said...

Was it me? :)

Kathy said...

Yes Knitting Betty it was you! I am glad you reminded me! How are your birds doing with your yarn?

Betty said...

You know, I can't tell if the birds have grabbed any of it. I'll certainly be watching out for nests around the neighborhood too see if they contain bright bits of yarn.

Karen said...

What a neat idea. I will have to try that too!

Anonymous said...

I have used a mobile pet groomer. It was easy to have them come and all but I found it to be more money. We found our current groomer by accident (we were walking by her shop with our standard poodle as she was coming out. She was crazy about him and showed us photos of her standard. We've been going to her for 7 years now.)but I did check her out with my vet. He'd heard nothing about her and I took that as a good sign. I found our previous groomer by asking people I saw walking their well groomer dogs. She was very good but not a poodle specialist so we switched.
Good Luck!

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