Monday, April 09, 2007


Al says to tell you all "NEVER MAKE THIS SWEATER!"

The love affair officially ended this morning. The Rams Horn Jacket from Knitting Nature was, in all fairness, and according to AL, the worst pattern writing she has yet to experience. She disliked the entire process so very much, that she doesn't want the sweater.


I asked her, YUP, if I could try it on. She immediately gave it to me. Now,

After I dropped some stitches while coloring eggs at the same time, Saturday night,
I asked her to pick them up for me.
She calmly told me no. She would not enable me. There was simply no reason she should do this when she felt I was entirely capable. Nevermind she had been working at the shop all day and probably was asked to do this same thing a dozen or so times. I believe she enables clients. (she was right, I sat down and redid the row picking up my own stitiches.) I was doing that awful thing Mother's do: feeling entitled to this one teensy thing she could do for me.

This morning, however, in a true spirit of generosity she simply handed the sweater to me, rather trimphantly, and said, "here, it is yours!"

She also just told me she thinks it looks great on me. She was adjusting the shoulder part as she said, this. I gave her permission to adjust away. She said she will probably have to do so everytime I wear this sweater.

The yarn: WAVE by Filatura DiCrosa.Color number 20. Not cheap. Feels like heaven75/25 Wool/silk blend.

The Dilemna:

I am her mom. She paid for all of this yarn for a sweater she is now giving to me.
What's your vote?

Do I pay her for the yarn????? at the very least? Probably discounted to 8.95 a skein. Probably a hundered dollar sweater all tallied. Should I even be asking this? What do you think?


Alyssa said...

Great jacket! I lean toward giving her something. Either the money straight out or maybe a day at the spa? Or a mother daughter day?

Irisheyes Lynn said...

That's a great color for you, Kath!Maybe you could buy the yarn for her next project?

Karen said...

Sounds like it is your Mother's Day gift!It is pretty even though it did cause her so much grief.

Kim said...

I think you could offer to buy her yarn for a sweater that would hopefully work out better. =)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, BTW. I feel very proud of my butter lamb.

opportunityknits said...

Al is right, it looks great on you. I think you want to give her a little something to surprise her :)

Beverly said...

I'm planning on making this jacket so that's some pretty bad news. I've already bought the yarn.

What a nice surprise from Al!

Olga said...

Oh, that is such bad news! I really liked this pattern. But as others have said, it does look great on you. I like the swingy cut.

And thanks for the comment! It's nice to know that Nancy's fame is rubbing off on me. :-)

Lynne said...

First of all, daughters can be such moms sometimes, can't they? The sweater is cute, and I guess you can at least give her a yarn store gift certificate to express your appreciation and to insure that she may give you another sweater one day!

Rachel said...

Aw, how come she hates it? I was thinking of making that one too. I have to say, it looks lovely in your picture though!
I agree about getting her some kind of reciprocal gift, like more yarn or dinner out, it's probably not expected but would be appreciated! Presents are always nice.

Jennifer said...

Great story. I love a good enabler. How about a yarn swap? Maybe you have something in your stash that she's been eyeing?

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