Monday, March 19, 2007

Signs of Spring......Contest ends tonight 3/19

Snowdrops in my yarn, I mean yard
Countdown to the Cubs opener...April fools that we are....
Smell of skunks is their mating season around here
Thoughts turn to spring haircuts
Thoughts turn to spring purse
Thoughts turn to spring yarn
Butter lambs
Orion turning away
chalk drawings on the sidewalks
hoping for a thunderstorm
the roadbike will be out of the living room soon
and much much more


monica said...

I can do without the skunk thing, we have the same thing going on over here. I thought we had one in the garage last week but I think it was just startled by the garage door opening. Love your snow drops.

Karen said...

Your snowdrops are so pretty. My daffodils started coming up in December and then winter decided to come with 3 big snow storms. They are brown and mushy but more are coming up so I will have a few blooms. Haven't smelled any skunks yet but the season is young still.

Smuddpie said...

You are reminding me that it's time to get the pruning done before it warms up too much. Ugh. I don't like that job, but I do want my yard to look better this year!

Kim said...

Do you make butter lambs for Easter? I heard it was a Polish tradition and my SIL is Polish. I was thinking of trying it - heck, I'll try anything once, even sculpture in butter!

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