Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nephews.......how wonderful

My nephew was in Japan last week. I emailed him to ask if he could possibly pick up a Knitting Mag. while he was there. This college boy actually took time out from his spring break trip, to grant my wish. This simple act says so much to me. He's a grown up now. He knows how be thoughtful. I remember his love of the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles when he was growing up. They are making a comeback I understand. Good vs. Evil. Turtles on the Half shell, Turtle power!
Clearly the cover deserves a better image on the blog. So when it is in our hot little hands, soon, we'll share.
Al the chart knitter will be able to decipher the patterns. How clever of the Japanese knitters.


opportunityknits said...

such a sweet guy.

Karen said...

What a sweetie. My daughter is going to Europe next year, I've asked her to get me some yarn if she gets near any shops...she just rolled her eyes. I told her I'd even give her some money for it...she still rolled her eyes at me.

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