Monday, February 05, 2007


Well despite putting our best face forward, (RADAR's) the Bears lost. There was plenty of quiet at our little party from the 3rd quarter on. I didn't drop one stitch. I knitted throughout the game, did you?

A friend told me that Knitty Gritty has come to our HGTV channel. I tuned in this morning. Have you watched it? I only caught the beginning of today's show. I'll watch a few more times and reserve judgement until then.

Baseball starts in under 60 days!

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Woman who knits said...

I haven't seen it on HGTV yet, just DIY still! It's moving up in the world!!

I'm impressed your cat stayed still long enough for face paint!!

Barbara said...

I knit through the whole game and all the hours of pre-game hoopla. I was a bit disappointed that the Bears lost, but am very optimistic about next year.

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