Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Solo Linie Ruffle Scarf

A very fast scarf, says Al. Not actually knit but you do use knitting needles. Very pretty in dreary grey chicago.

We are exhausted from the Bears game. I managed the new project dance while holding my breath during the game. This involves, finding the needles, finding the needle checker, knitting for gauge. Measuring (still holding my breath, because I always do when it comes time to get the gauge gadget out) and finally casting on . I am currently motivated to try the zip vest in Baby Alpaca Chunky again. Pattern and yarn purchased ....last summer on vacation.

I'll keep you....posted

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Jane said...

Very cute! And I hope Da Bears win it all.

Kim said...

I love the ruffled look. Did you have a pattern or just make it up?

Anonymous said...

I love the Solo Linie Ruffle Scarf. Where can I get the pattern?

Anonymous said...

I love the linie solo look. Where can I purchase the yarn? I live in N.J.

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