Wednesday, January 03, 2007

For irisheyes lynn

Here's the Schaefer Anne yarn that Allison gave me for Christmas. I just love the colors. I also love that it is washable wool. This First sock is at the round toe stage. I was trying to tell Lynn that it was multi reds and greens but that just sounded like Christmas. So here's the yarn, a little out of focus, but the truest color without a flash.

The tangle also visible is a heartbreak. Thankfully there is enough yarn wound to make a full pair. I wanted to cry as the tangle got to that beyond hope part. My lesson: I will always have the yarn shop wind my yarn. Breaks my heart that she spent her money as a poor college student on this incredible yarn and I wasted some of it. My friend Diane comforted me by saying some yarn cannot be wound without tangling. Isn't that a dear thing to say to someone?

I'm interrupting the start of the second sock to start a baby gift that needs to be finished by Sunday. I have some new pony point pearls to work with, so I'm eager to start.

Al doesn't like pony points for zeros and ones, and doesnt like woodens either. She says she is rough on them. Does any one have metals that small that likes them?
I just heard a good testimonial for square needles for those with sore nice that we are given healthy choices for the new year. :)

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Alyssa said...

I have some of the KnitPicks metal dpns and I love them! I have a couple sets in US 1 and 0 and they are always in use. Nice sharp points!

Love the color of the sock yarn. Al has a great eye for color.

Pat K said...

I started using Susan Bates after Annie of Annieknits told me to try them. I don' think I'd use any others.

monica said...

That is a lot of yarn to wind by hand. It is lovely. Inox makes a metal DPN, the smaller sizes 0 ,1 and 2 are nice but they are kind of heavy once you get past a 3.

Karen said...

I second the recommendation for Knit Picks DPNs. Very affordable and very, very good!!!! I've had huge yarn tangles like that, but you know - with enough patience and a helping hand, you can always save it. Pea and I have spend hours on a tangle, but we always win in the end!!! :)

Beverly said...

I like the Inox dpns. They're smooth and flexible. I have large hads that are very strong and I have a tendency to warp or break the wooden needles. These take the pressure well.

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Kath, that color is gorgeous! Not Christmas-y at all. Al has great taste!

What's the baby gift?

Birdsong said...

I use two Addi Turbos and do the Socks Soar on Circular needles thing. As far as the tangle goes, if you want to mail it to me, I will work on it for you... I was a poor kid and an even poorer young woman, and managed to learn how to 'see' the tangles and only threw away a fake fur mess once. I still wind by hand a lot because it feels good, but love my ball winder for the bigger projects.

Woman who knits said...

I love that sock!!! It's beautiful!!!

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