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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too late to start Christmas knitting?

At the LYS where I work people have been knitting their Christmas things since January, although most people seem to start around August. So I ask you, is it too late for me to start now? Well, I hope not because I have big plans. I have already started a secret present for my mom that is going very quickly so I am confident that I will finish that. Then I am making this adorable sweater from Miss Bea's Band for my cousin who turns one in December (sorry, I would post the WIP but I cannot find my camera-my version is brown and tan and is made of Bazic Wool). I love all the Miss Bea patterns because they are so cute but it drives me crazy that she does not give specific measurements. As you can see this sweater has a lot of straight knitting and the pattern asks you to count rows. So I dillegently wrote out 1-52 on a sheet of paper and crossed them off as I went but now I am working on the back and after 52 rows it is not long enough! Obviously I need to go back to third grade and learn how to count because I just cannot do it. The same thing happened when I made the Miss Bea Cookie sweater, the sleeves were different lenghts. Notice to all designers: I need measurements! Finally I hope that I will be able to finish matching Christmas stockings for my cousin and her fiancee. I finally found a pattern I like in Country Living Magazine (who would have thought?) so I am going to start this week. If they are not finished in time they will have to be wedding presents instead. Oh, so much to knit, such little time (not to mention going to school).


Karen said...

Gosh, I hope it's not too late. I haven't started my Christmas knitting yet. Maybe I'd better cut the list a little, huh?

opportunityknits said...

Japanese patterns use number of rows in their instructions too and I also write them out and check them as I go along. I find that safety pins along the way also helps, as I too, am very bad at counting.

monica said...

It is definitely not to late to start. I have tons yet to begin. Good Luck!

Lynne said...

That is a cute little sweater. I gave up trying to knit for Christmas. Whether I start in January or November, it stesses me out!
Hope you have a great day! I didn't know you worked for a yarn store!

Ling said...

Can't wait to see the secret project for your mom!
I love all the Miss Bea patterns too, and I can't count too. I think it helps to cast on for both sleeves at once.

I certainly hope it's not too late for Christmas knitting!

Woman who knits said...

It's never too late!! I only decided to do a few this year!

I really love that sweater!

Kathy said...

It is really cute in person too. I think you are doing a beautiful job. :) Mom

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