Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I don't think I want to be a speed knitter

I was looking through patterns in a book called Speed Knitting. I don't think I am going to qualify for being a SPEEDY knitter anytime soon. If you read the Junie B. Jones series, you would know that SPEEDY QUICK is one of Junie B's descriptives. It does not apply to me.

Even given an abundance of time, I am not SPEEDY QUICK. I am not planning to knit for the holidays this year, unless it just happens.

This yarn was a great surprise from Sara peasley Handknitter blogger. I sent her a tape the season finale to E.R. last year, and she surprised me with this pretty wine colored yarn from THE CONTINUING THREAD. Some thanks! Really!

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Allison said...

Very creative display, Mom. I love Halloween. Do not worry about being a speed knitter, it probably sucks all the fun out of it anyway (although I bet you wish you could speed knit the rest of the sleeve)

Karen said...

Your new yarn looks so nice with your Halloween display. That reminds me that I need to get out my decorations (I'm such a slacker this year). I can knit a pair of socks pretty quickly but anything else takes me forever (just ask my son).

Birdsong said...

Lovely Halloween display! Even though I am a fast knitter, I hate the pressure of deadlines (enough of those in my life already), and am with you in seeing no value in being a "speedy knitter".

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