Monday, October 02, 2006

Guest Blogger Firefighter Dan

I had to promise Dan this would not be able to be used against him by fellow firefighters. None of the rest even knew I took the blog photo. There is a brotherhood of teasing that is relentless amongst firefighters. Dan, married to an actress who KNITS!!!! was quick to comply. His wife is in a Play in Chicago called, Kama Sutra. I'm sure she is great. I have to plug the play since he complied so nicely.

He is holding the sock I haven't finished from vacation this summer.
The sleeves I haven't finished are driving me mad, they're makin me crazy crazy!
The felted purse is coming along for those of you interested in that blog chapter. The felting fairy was kind to me again. Phew.

Lynne From I was KNit together in My Mother's womb was my colorswap this month. She also kindly coordinated the whole thing. Red/pink month. Her box to me came today. I refuse to open it until I get hers in the mail tomorrow. Despite Al's great attempts to justify opening it, I feel I mustn't until I've mailed hers tomorrow. She was great fun to hunt for goodies for. Thank God for garage sales and LYS.

Finally, Kelvin from down under, notified me that he has added me to his list of Blogs to Read. His blog lists are found at I'm very flattered.

Thank God the pain has ended. Cubs have made some changes. Here's to next year. Where have I heard THAT before?

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Karen said...

Okay, Fireman Dan does look less than thrilled to be posing for a picture with knitting. But how cool that he agreed to do it anyway! I love your guest bloggers!!!

Birdsong said...

What a good guy! There are lots of firefighters around in my daily life and I doubt I could get a one to pose with Knitting.

monica said...

Wow, you had a great swap pal! And what a nice guy, I am sure he would never hear the end of it if it were to get out. Can't wait to see that finished bag, it is always nice when the felting fairies are on our side.

Karen said...

Poor Dan, he has that "deer in the headlights" look. But how sweet of him to hold your sock and be guest blogger!

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