Thursday, October 12, 2006

Does making the hat bring the snow?

I know that Al making this very cute hat did NOT bring the snow today. We broke some sort of weather record here today. Well, her very cute hat will get some use.

Did you get a chance to see the Perfect Sweater pattern by ?
It is pretty and I am sure many will knit the pattern. They did a great job with a long careful look into what makes a great sweater, yarn, pattern etc. Hats off to those incredible ladies, again.

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Beverly said...

I saw the snow on the news last night. Nature is doing some pretty amazing things. By the way it's an excellent excuse to get a jump on wearing a fabu hat.

I checked out the perfect sweater pattern. I'll definitely need to knit one of them.

Elizabeth said...

Love the hat, Al. Oh, you can keep all the snow you want up in that part of the country. As for me, I prefer just the cold winters to the snowy ones :)

Sandysknitting said...

Although I am a huge lover of snowfall, I can't help but think that snow when the leaves are still on the trees is just messy and dangerous!
Caution to you!
Love that hat! Wish I were a hat person!

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