Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You can't make a felt purse out of a piggy's ear

Sorry. I had to. We have the only farm remaining in Cook County in our little town. I got to visit the new milking barn/educational center today for a few minutes. This little piggy might have had roast beef, but no spinach to be had around here. Is it just me, or are you dying for a spinach salad just because we can't?

The purse is offically started.
So far, thanks to Karen's great calculations in the comments, I can expect a 66 percent reduction in size after felting. Okay. Felting is a bit of luck, so don't worry that I'll hold you to it Karen.

The purse began this way;
I chained 50 with the yarn.
Then I turned, made a chainstitch, or vice versa. I did a single crochet for the first ten stitches, double for the next ten, triple for the next ten, then double for the next ten, and single for the last ten. This created a half moon shape. I repeated this same shape for 5 rows.

Then I had a synapse stall. Since I took the crochet flower class at LYS recently, I called 3 Bags Full and lucky me, Susie my teacher was in. She reminded me that as long as I didn't add anymore stitches, I could begin knitting around the half moon and it would begin to form sides. That is where I am currently.

Off to knit while hoping the Cubs lose their 95th game tonight. More on that later. It has been excruciatingly painful. I am hoping for 99 full loses to open the eyes of management and make some heads roll. I think my family saw them at their best at the Spring Training Mesa opener.

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Pat K said...

You know it's pretty bad when you're hoping they keep losing. Not that I'm any kind of sports fan anyways.

monica said...

Can't wait to see this bag. I bet it will be gorgeous. Don't give up on those Cubs, they are bound to win at least a game or 2 ... maybe .. sometime... right

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