Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No server no picture boo hoo

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I have a nice image to post today and the blog is on the blitz. Earlier today the cable network/wireless provider was out of sorts. Hmmmmmm. Is there a sunstorm? Will we get to see the Northern Lights or something great because of this? That would be so fun. Have any of you seen the Northern lights? Where? There is a pattern in one of the current knit mags, I believe it may be Interweave, and the sweater is called Northern Lights. I think I want some yarn colorway called northern lights.

On a more balanced note, I left my Vogue in the doctors office waiting room, just over 2 weeks ago. Returned for a visit today, and there she was! Waiting for me to scoop her up and take her back. I proved to my driver, caretaker extraordinaree, husband that it was indeed ours. Al and I usually write all over them. Comments, like:

Like the cable, would prefer it on a purse.
If she looks heavy in this WHY would I want to knit it for me?
I could buy something that looks just like that.
I must find this yarn
Put this on the book list for the holidays
show this to nursing instructor. (Interweaves history lesson with nurses
watching over patients knitting as therapy.)

Al and I read the periodicals separately and communicate this way. She always picks the hard things. She never, looks at the ads! I always do!

hope the cyberplanets align themselves sooon so I can show you a fun post.


monica said...

I have the Northern Lights colors in both Bearfoot and Cherry Tree Hill... Love them both, but have not knit them up into socks yet. Wonder if we have the same internet provider, we have the sunstorms ( comcast calls them sunspot interferences though) here too. Can't wait to see the pictures

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having troubles. I just have to brighten your day with this: I've just spent the last (gulp!) hour and a half reading your blog. I started with the oldest and came forward. I think I stopped with December 2005. Gotta tell you, I'm hooked! Wonderful. I'm not a "new" knitter, but one who can't afford expensive yarns. That limits a person! But now I see that perhaps I could indulge in expensive yarns if I'd venture into the world of Sock Making. Haven't a clue how to do DPN's or read complicated directions. Any suggestion to what pattern to use for a person's very first sock? Keep on blogging...this is a wonderful, funny, inspiring place to spend time (wish I could knit and read at the same time tho!)

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