Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello my name is Allison and I will be your substitute blogger for today. Kathy will be indisposed for the next couple of days so I am holding down the fort out here in the blogosphere. Even though this week was my first week at Loyola University, I wasn't going to let that stop me from knitting! So I have been working on this sock from an old Interweave pattern (last Spring maybe) and Sweet Georgia hand dyed sock yarn. It is really soft and yummy but as always with my socks I don't like the toe. Does anyone have a favorite type of toe for socks? Because this one (which seems to be the most common) is not working for me.

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Dave said...

I like what's called the German or Stahl toe:

(Decrease round, 3 rounds even) once
(Decrease round, 2 rounds even) twice
(Decrease round, one round even) three times
(Decrease round only) until you get to an inch of stitches on both top and bottom, graft together.

It's nice and rounded, not pointy at all. Although you don't say what you don't like about your current toe, so it's kind of hard to recommend another :-)

Donna Boucher said...

I have started doing the kitchener and like the results. There are great instructions at

Have a great year at Loyola!

Amazing yarn!

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Pretty sock, Allison! Thanks for blogging!

Karen said...

Love the sock!! I do the same toe that Dave does and it works great for me. Have a great year at college.

Beverly said...

Check out Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. It has a good variety of toe and heel options. I've worked a few until I found what worked best for my foot.

Leslie said...

I like to do a decreased toe almost like on a hat. You figure out what can be divided into your number of stitches, such as, 56-divisable by 8. So...knit 6, knit 2together, knit 6 knit 2 together, etc. Knit a round. Next row knit 5, knit 2 together, etc. Always knit a round in between. Then when you get down to 14 or so stitches, you can kitchener the final stitches. This makes a nice rounded tow. I usually start about 2 inches from the end. I also go to 3 Bags Full. If you remember, you helped me with a baby blanket pattern a month or so. I finished it last week and sent it off on Friday. Thanks and good luck at Loyola. My own daughter is looking there for next year.

Beth said...

Is that the River colorway? Very pretty!

As for the toe - do what Leslie said. I never thought that would fit my foot but the couple pairs that I used it on are wonderful.

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