Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Happy Meal TOY?

Did you want the McBarbie Doll or the McYarn? Today's guest blogger is from my local McDonald's. There was a long line behind me, so he quickly complied.

The yarn is a lovely purple green mohair from Al's July swap partner Mo. She is also a jewelery designer. I need to post her blog name for you all. She sent Al some lovely bracelets.

I'm trying for the big 500 tomorrow. Thanks to all who have entered the contest. JILL, Al's buddy, I'm waiting for you, you lurker you.
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Susan said...

Oh, that is too funny! I think that if I asked the kids at my local McDonald's to hold some yarn so I could photgraph them, they'd probably shut the drive through window and turn off the lights! Hooray for your McD guy and his sense of fun! Of course, if he really is giving out yarn, you are obligated to post the location of that McDonald's so that we can all plan road trips. ;-)

Karen said...

I know I've said it before, but it stands repeating - I love love love your guest bloggers!!! I can't believe you got the McDonalds drive-thru guy to pose with yarn even when a long line was behind you!!! LOL

Sarah said...

When I worked at McD's many years ago (for 7 years), I am not sure I would have wanted my photo on a blog! Horrible visor hair & no make up.

Love the yarn.

angela ( said...

I want *That* in my happy meal, please!! Man, remember when there were the crazies trying to get the beanie baby toys at McD's? Can you imagine the wildness should they start offering nifty yarn with their meals?? I'd be there! I might only miss 5 out of 100 days. (just had to throw that in!!LOL!)

You're brave. I would have never asked my mcd's guy to pose with my yarn. :)

Marcia said...

This is so funny!! I can just imagine what he's thinking....."you're kidding, right?!" Or maybe, "Do you want yarn with those fries?"

Donna Boucher said...

This is such a wacky idea...and I love's so David Letterman :o)

Birdsong said...

I agree with Donna, this is a gem of an idea, and who knows where you will try next?!

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