Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Bad day to be Pluto and other knitting thoughts

Random thoughts while knitting today:

Why do I love making socks?

Is the mail here yet and is there anything I've ordered arriving? (no, there wasn't)

I have to get Elizabeth's birthday gift in the mail tomorrow. I'll be the only auntie who is late this year.... I should have knit her something.

I'm no Mason-Dixon woman, but I did manage to clean a counter today and throw a garbage bags' worth of true junk out. (I hope husband sees this productive act for what it interruption in my knitting time)

How come the school bus never came on time the first week for MY kids? It is coming right as rain already for the little ones and it is only day 2.

What do I want to give my folks for their 53rd wedding anniversary next week? Knitted Dishcloths, that's the gift for 53 right?

I should really find a guest blogger soon. Hmmmmmm, I wish they had brought my knitting to the Lincoln Memorial in Springfield, Abe would be a wonderful guest blogger. Al and Troy thought of it....too late.

I should unsubscribe to all the knitting stores memos. It just feeds the urge to buy more yarn.

I should buy more yarn.

It is a bad day to be Pluto. My Very Educated Mother Just Sent Us Nine .....
nine what? That fun little ditty won't be taught anymore. Pluto was Pies, the best ending to that little ditty. Just sent us nine zena's? That just doesn't work.

maybe they'll change it to Mobius, Velvet Touch, Einstien Coat, Mohair, Jaeger, Stitches, Unravel...


Sarah said...

I was wondering about that myself -- it was "My very enormous mother just sat upon nine porcupines" where I grew up. Yours is more polite, but mine is more fun!

Beth said...

Oh man - I feel so left out! I just had to plain ol' memorize them.

Beverly said...

Wow, the things you learn on knitting blog. I never knew those little ditties either.

You should definitely buy more yarn, it makes me feel less guilty ;)

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