Monday, July 24, 2006

Bunny progress

Now the bunnies are leaving the nest. Is this one the cutest or what? I am happy they survived. I am toying with the idea of angora bunnies. I need about a year to learn about them first. I read thewoolenrabbit blog and it doesn't sound all that easy to keep them. I think they all survived while we were away last week and they were undisturbed.

I lost a green stitch marker to Big Kitten Lake last week. It was your generic aqua marker, so I left it for the Muskie's to eat. While in St. Germain Al and I visited the yarnshop I blogged about earlier. I bought very soft Misty Alpaca and a Oat Couture pattern for a sleeveless vest with pockets. I plan to have 3 bags put the zipper in when it is time. I also plan to add a hood. The night temps Up North were in the 50's so I had fall on my mind. Now that I am back in 90's and humidity, I am thinking fall seems far far away.

One of the women I met at the St. Germain store makes 3 socks for her granddaughter:
"I know she'll lost one." Talk about your smart knitter.

Our own LYS had its summer yarn sale this thurs, fri, sat. I am looking for bargains.

Irisheyesknitters is coming up to its 500th post. I'm planning a fun little contest. Hmmmmmmmm, hope you'll join in.

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Stephanie said...

That baby rabbit is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back. I have missed reading your posts!
Baby rabbit is too cute. Makes me think of Easter.

Elizabeth said...

Ah---how sweet!!!! I'm glad they all survived. Missed you while you were gone. :)

Karen said...

Oh my that bunny is cute!! Sorry about your stitch marker. :( But I can't wait to see what you get at the LYS summer sale!!

Agnes said...

::speechless in front of extreme cuteness::

Allison said...

Okay, maybe he is a little bit cute. I think there might be some angora at the LYS sale tomorrow!

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