Saturday, June 03, 2006

What's not to like?

Knitter: Al
Pattern: Minnowknits Cotton Roll #184 QK
Yarn: Lang's BAY , cotton /poly blend

Al isn't happy with the turnout. What's not to like? It is adorable. She isn't happy with the collar and some other minutiae. The colors are so soft and the yarn was sale there more?

My new button is what is new on the blog! Many thanks to Karen G. for her fun creative and hard work. If you'd like a button for your blog, Karen is very reasonable and I'll pass her information along to you. SHE thought of the chosen design,I fell in love with it, and we fine-tuned it together.

Here is a snippet of our method for choosing which Stitches' classes we signed up for:

Me: We HAVE to sign up for Stitches today, Al
AL: I already circled some classes that sound cool.
Me: You will want to take harder classes than me. (okay I can speak with incorrect grammar in my own house, and I do!)
AL: Mom, our class last year was an intermediate level.
Me: It was? No wonder I wanted to be finished half-way through.
AL: Oh this one has homework, you won't want that.
Me: I dont' mind homework.....which one..
Al: (Al reads aloud condensed chirpy sounding class description)
Me: Sounds like too much math, Al. It is my birthday weekend, I don't want math.
Al: C'mon Mom, I'll help you. Josie uses charts and graphs all the time
Me: Oh, she does. I want to knit like Josie someday...
Al: See if it is still open...
Me: Oh, I forgot about that part
Al: It is early in the morning we'll get in.
Me: How early? It's my birthday weekend...
Al: We'll get good treats on the way
Me: Okay because last year I had to take half of Debbie's Starbucks Scone from her in order to make some synapses come alive
AL: I remember Mom, we better bring Debbie something this year
Me: Definitely, there is no food at that Rosemont Convention center early in the morning. We'll make treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It IS my birthday weekend, you know
Al: I know Mom, I know....

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Chicago Jen said...

can I be realted to you two too? I love reading about your regular mom/daughter interactions! I can totally hear both of you! Thanks for the giggles! Oh and BTW, Josie has 'never' made socks....

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