Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rosalyn Makes Her Point

My lap cat Rosalyn, quietly situated herself inside my knitting loop after dinner last night. She was purring like a machine and let me know that I needed to pay some attention to her. I am a sucker for clever quiet communicators.

None of the number six times 3 superstition on this blog.
I will say I was superstitious enough to not say NO HITTER GOING during the Cub game last night. Zambrano gave Cub fans something to be excited about for 8 innings...
We've had to look to the broadcasters to tell us about people getting engaged in the bleachers for entertainment most of this painful season......

One more day of school around this house. Lynn, from knit Group, happy end of the schoolyear to you.

June 10 is Knit in Public day this year. Hmmmmmm any plans anyone out there?

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Pat K said...

Aren't cats the best? Although mine have yet to snuggle in quite that close yet. Big Cat does lay on the yarn bag at times, making it hard to pull from the skein.

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