Thursday, June 29, 2006

Men who hang with fiber women, by Birdsong

Well, I'll get to Birdsong's great line in a minute.

First, this is my finished Ribbed tank made with the Cotton classic. It is a little too roomy but it should shrink just a tad if I put it in the dryer and watch it like a knitter does when she is trying to shrink something just a tad.

Also, to Stephanie who might make Al's pretty little top for a baby gift, Al says to knit it in the round. It would be so much easier.

I want to tell you how thrilled I was to hear I won some yarn from Claudia's blog for donating to her MS ride. I won one of the last gifts donated to the pot. She called the post Prize Patrol. I am going to be getting the wonderful wools from Alice of Wonderknits. Of course, I will show you them when they arrive.

So back to Birdsong. I love her knitting blog. She posted yesterday about the men who hang with us fiber women, and what a special breed they are. I couldn't agree with her more. My husband knows how much joy it brings me to knit. He doesn't say a word when I bring my knitting...well, everywhere. He comes through with the yarn gifts without all that much prodding from Al these days.

Well, today he finished this sentence for me: "I cannot imagine being without my knitting-" '
"For a day." he said.
Excuse me? There are many many many days when I do not get to knit at all. Plenty of them! I think I am going to have to point them out from now on. Then we witnessed an accident and he went over and helped out on his day off (you healthcare professionals out there understand that sentence) and I was smitten with him all over again. Yes, the men who hang with us fiber women are a wonderful kind.

Donna Boucher of Quiet Life blog, which I also love, asked for "how did you meet your husband stories," a day or so ago. The comments are so cute. Check it out if you want....

Oh, I have begun to dream about knitting....I dreamt we moved to an icky little place and it was so cold. All I could think of in my dream to comfort myself while I missed our tiny cozy house from which we supposedly moved, was:
I can knit with alpaca and suri and then the yarn and the knitting will keep my heart and my family warm. Have you ever dreamt about knitting?
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Alyssa said...

Fabulous top! Your posts always make me smile:)

Karen said...

Well, it's been a while, but yes . . . I've dreamt about knitting more than once. My worst dream was that I knitted a great sweater and then put it in the washing machine (don't know why I would ever do that) and it fell apart!!

opportunityknits said...

Cute tank -love the way the different yarns are put together. How does one watch a sweater shrink just a tad in the dryer?

Pat K said...

Hey! Lookin' good. And your husband sounds like a gem.

lynne said...

Now, that is a cute tank, Kathy B! Very nicely done....and a little sexy, too!

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