Friday, June 23, 2006

huge thanks to MO at

Wow Mo! I am so delighted with our Blue Color Swap organized by Lynne at I did not know that Elann made a fixation like yarn. I so love this blue Color Mo. Thank you. The glass buttons are so neat. The post cards from Oregon fascinated my husband who is an extreme sports wanna be fan. (Okay, he's a cyclist who does do some pretty darn tough cycling) He told us all about Mt. Hood's death record.

I have a hard time with extreme sports. I think that I try not to be judgemental, but when my lifetime has been spent taking care of little premies who haven't asked to be on the cusp of death's door, I have to admit some anger at those who challenge death by choice. I do try, however, to let it go. Everyone does what they do for a reason.

The Seas candy. We-hehell. I am a Fannie May born and raised Girl, and I think I've met my match. Oh so good. I hear we have a Seas now, in Chicago. I'm going to order some for the next extended family gathering. Oh we are enjoying Seas.

The little needle case is unlike anything I've seen before. So me. So cute. Mo you did a great job.

Mo also enclosed some of her designer cards: check her wonderful work and blog out at

If anyone has doubts about Lynne's colorswap, take it from me, it is a joy to participate in. We both kept to the budget pretty much of twenty dollars and it was enormously fun.

Next month is purple. Al is swapping this time!

Lynne and Mo, thanks again. Made my day!
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Roxie said...

Ah, See's Candy! They make the most decadent pink coconut bonbons! They are so good that my little white girl cat used to steal mine and lick them to bits, purring in bliss.

You write a good blog, Dear Heart. I put you on my Favorites list.

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