Friday, June 09, 2006

Hipknits contest entry

Reader beware. This post is a contest entry. If you go to hipknits site, or she invites us to list 30 things about ourselves for some great yarn prizes. Happy Birthday Kerrie I hope I win.

I will try to make this painless for my dear friends who care to read irisheyesknitters. So I:

1)think the King Tut socks were just another pipe dream of mine. We go Tuesday.
2)cannot attain perfection knitting, I save my perfectionism for work.
3)choose yarn colors for myself that will hide dog/cat hair from my garments.
4)wish I would set a date for work knitting friends to sit on my backporch and knit at night with me before the summer is over (yes I know it's just begun !)
5)feel I have the right to knit anywhere and yes I have knitted in church but not during the Mass
6)learned to bring mindless easy knitting to our knitting GROUP after 6 good months of making mistakes there while chattering.
7 really want yarn made out of my dog's hair....some of you will understand...many will not.
8)insist on finding knit stores when I go on vacation
9) drove the local yarn shop woman a bit nuts in Boulder Junction last summer on vacation
10)have beautiful Crazy Woman Mountain colors yarn from Lynn for my last years birthday and cannot decide what to knit up with it....any ideas? Fingerless?
11)I am obsessed with knitting a beret...look out family at the holidays
12)I judged my neighbor harshly when he saw me knitting a sock and quipped:why don't you just go buy a sock? Turns out my first impression was pretty much on the money.
13)Don't know what to do with the angora skein that my family gave me. Ideas please
14)Have the Book Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves and haven't knit a thing from it yet. Maybe my Stitches instructor will help me choose one to go for.
15)say a four letter word that starts with s when I drop stitches. Adrianna said that just gives more permission to fly off the needles. She says I should yell STAY!
16)really learned how to knit from a nurse friend Deb V.
17)found out about my LYS from my dear nurse friend Madelon
18)came back to knitting just after 9/11
19)like to have a beverage by me when I am knitting: coffee, coke, wine, water. Not so much in that order.
20) love making fingerless gloves, purses and socks because I am good at them.
21) am afraid of seams, most finishing and sewing buttons on.
21)love the change of seasons in Chicago and the knit opportunities that arise
23)apparently don't know how to count
24)prefer pony pearl double points to any circular needle
25)want to learn to listen to books on tape when I am knitting, nothing too sad , any ideas?
26)am half Hungarian.
27)fear injuring my hands and having to learn to knit another way
28)love that my daughter loves to knit and is better than I am. Waaaaaay better.
29)am rediscovering crochet joys. So fast, so good for edges.
30)completed this contest entry and really want to win that yarn.

Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment.


Anonymous said...

Deb once told me that she taught you to knit--she'd be pleased to know she made your list! If you haven't listened to the Harry Potter series on tape, I HIGHLY recommend (thanks to Diane W).

Miss you!

Jodi Clair

Elizabeth said...

Hummmmmmmm. Very interesting!!!!! :)

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Great list, Kath! Hope you win.
(Hi, Jodi!)

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Great list! Besides the love of knitting it's funny how many similarities/idiosyncracies knitters have. I could relate to so many things on your list :-)

Lynn said...

Once again I loved this post. I could just see you typing it. Absolutely you should win. Too bad we can't all vote for you, and as they say, do it the Chicago way, more than once !
No reason you can't have a sit on the porch knit night. I would bet Group would love to appear and would even bring drinks and good snacks. Think about it.

Karen said...

I recomend Harry Potter on cd also. And the Golden Compass series too. And Artemis Fowl. Do you see a trend here (children's books), but they are good. Oh, and Inkheart too,Lynn Redgrave reads that and she is good. I have my 30 up at my blog, come visit me.

Roxie said...

I know this is an old post, but I love listening to books on tape while I knit, spin, weave,sew, iron or do housework. The Brother Cadfael mysteries by Ellis Peters are wonderful historical mysteries and the fellow who reads them has such a rich welsh voice! At first, you want something you would read at the beach, because you don't want to focus too hard on what you're hearing. Something light, rather than some weighty philosophical tome or something heavily and obscurely symbolic. Not the time for War and Peace or Les Miserables either. If you like fantasy/s.f. you might try "Dragon Song" and "Dragon Singer" by Anne McCaffrey. If you have any hiking, camping, fishing experience, I would suggest anything by Patrick McMannus, but do be prepared to laugh your keester off. If you are strictly a city girl, you might not get the jokes.

That'll do for a start. Happy knitting!

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