Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ten reasons why I should take more classes

1. Going to the quiet of my LYS last night and learning to crochet flowers was so peaceful.
2. I was able to see how others' yarns created different effects with the same pattern.
3. The phone didn't ring.
4. No one asked me where the remote (calculator, ipod, cell phone, book) went.
5. No one asked me to "come and see this quick" on TV, only to drop my work, and get to the room to hear "Oh, I guess you missed it."
6. I was able to complete two different flowers. Finish. Two things. One night.
7. Susie showed me what the pattern meant, not what it said.
8. I brushed up on my crochet skills and remembered my Nana who taught me to chrochet.
9. I didn't snack at all. :)
10. I have something to blog about!!!!!!!!!!!!!


erin said...

I just love crochet flowers. Your pretty one reminds me of a pattern that I have used before from Candy Tots (?)

Karen said...

Each and every reason was a great one. And your flower is beautiful! :)

Alyssa said...

Great flower! I love your list of reasons to take classes.
Don't forget GROUP tonight - maybe you could bring your flowers so we can all admire them? :)

Chicago Jen said...

So pretty!! Congrats on getting to take a calm and peaceful classs. How wonderful for you!

Pat K said...

What a cute picture, I love it.

Birdsong said...

Amazing what we can accomplish with a little encouragement!

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely, peaceful looking flower! I love to crochet and was taught by a close family friend many years ago how to use just about that same flower that you made for the center point (of each square) in an afghan. It was done with a white background, green leaves (on each corner) and a yellow "rose" (4 rows of 3-D petals). I did several squares, but never finished the project. One of these days------------------ :)

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