Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One bite at a time

When something overwhelms me or looms large, my sister Deb always says, "You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time." Perhaps that is why I love the book, BIRD BY BIRD. Same concept. I am knitting AL'slace socks in the Broadripple pattern with this in mind.

My socks are broken into the following parts:
The cuff bite was unsure; I had to wait to see the pattern emerge and the colors jump into line.
The purling involved made it chewier, I couldn't devour the cuff in a quick few bites.

The part before the heel and between the cuff was tender and mostly mindless. One row of lace, one row of knit.

The heels could have used some salt and pepper, but otherwise were identical somehow.

I am finished with one gusset serving and beginning the second today. This is in no way my favorite part of the elephant. Must remember the lace pattern every other row in the top of the foot part, and do decreases on both sides as well.
I get a little crazy with joy when I am purely knitting on the alternate rows....

So goes the elephant.

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Alyssa said...

Those are looking great! I'm going to have to give the whole knit two socks at once thing a shot. Neat:)

Elizabeth said...

Well, your elephant looks delicious!!! Looks like sherbet--so cool and refreshing!

Jane said...

Lovely socks - the colors are so summery.

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