Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nothing says Summer like....Fixation

I love the elastic/cotton mix of Fixation by Cascade. I used it for my first pair of socks a few years ago. I want to make a summer tank with Fixation, but it has to wait in the time line....

Currently I am focused on finsihing Al's Broadripple socks. I do like side by side knitting of the socks on double points. It really does alleviate second sock syndrome. I will most definitely make socks this way again.

Nothing says summer like;
a fire in our fire pit (first one last night....sorry to all of you under drought/fire danger conditions, I'll toast a marshmallow for you!)
garage sales
the big dipper
porch napping
lake michigan swims for Huck
the local dairy bar
a pedicure
rolling down the windows
lemon squares
grilled pineapple

and, of course, fixation.
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angela said...

Ahhhh, We're going to welcome summer with a fire-pit fire tonight! I can't wait for the crackly sound, and the wonderful smell.

Of course, we're starting the evening with a barbeque, I gave myself a pedicure yesterday, and DH was busy with some gardening today. We're sooooo talking "summer" here!

Happy days,

Agnes said...

Hey ... that Fixation colourway is gorgeous! Summery!

Donna Boucher said...

I love making socks with Fixation...but I had a really bad ball last winter. It had 20 breaks and knots in it. It was horrible!!!
This has only happened to me once. But I'm worried about trying again with Fixation.

Have you ever had this problem?


Beth said...

I can vouch for the success of Angela's barbecue and firepit. The s'mores were wonderful! ;)

I just added two more balls of Fixation to my stash - I love it too!

Anonymous said...

The colors of the Fixation are just lovely. Great colors for you. You will look so very nice in that top!


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