Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scissors keeper/Sanity keeper!

I got the little scissors keeper in my Easter basket and I love it. It is probably the single most useful gadget I have regarding knitting. So far, Al and I have left it firmly on my knit bag and each and everytime I need a scissors, it is there. Ah, the little things that can really make a difference. We were forever asking ourselves and the men in the house, where the scissors had run off to again. Do you have a gadget that really helps you stay organized/

The sock yarn behind the scissors holder is from Elizabeth my yellow/orange April Swapper. Al has yet to receive a pair of knitted socks from me. I had started a fun lace pattern, but ran out of the yarn; it has taken so long to get the order for another skein, I have lost interest in the pattern. So, when Al said she loved the yarn from Elizabeth, and then found the Broadripple pattern and printed it off for me, well......its up next on the sock needles for sure.

I borrowed some circular 6's from Irisheyes Lynn and am continuing the yellow shawl. I am hoping to finish it by Mother's Day and give it to my mom. Anyone else knitting for Mother's Day?

I spent so much time finishing the purse today. Finishing really takes me forever. I had the time to take it into the yarn shop and get Jen's handholding. She was sure I could do it myself; I wasn't so sure. Bit by bit, I did finish. It really helped to have Jen there to reexplain the details, and it came out really cute. I had been to my local resale shop in the morning and found a purse handle. Just an old vinyl strap. I covered it in a chain stitch of sorts and it is very sturdy. I'll take a photo outside tomorrow. The indoor lighting and flash tonight make the purse look this nasty orange color. Can't show you that now can I?

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