Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kissing Fish

The Knitpicks Paperdoll colorway socks are finished. I'm really stuck on round toes.
The co-ordinating carbs are Starburst jelly beans. I recommend carbs for the home stretch with this yarn.

I felt sad for my blog buddies who were missed by the bunny this year. I can only wish for it to be made up to you by the Angora Bunny next year.

I hope the word verification process on Irisheyes doesn't feel like a sobriety test on some days. Lately the blogs I visit for inspiration, have had comment verficiation combinations that make my eyescross.

Al has circled her class interests for Stitches Midwest; it is my turn to circle now. I had a blast taking a class with her and Lynn and Maureen last year. The class was too long for me, however. I think it was a bit over my head, but then it was a Knit in the Round class and most of them are pullovers.....

I am signed up for a crochet flower class with Susie at Three Bags Full . I need to refresh my crochet skills. I hear Susie is a wonderful teacher and the crochet go-to person there. This means I will miss a May knit GROUP at Borders. Maybe Alyssa and Jen will take the class with me instead???? 40.00 for two evenings. Any takers?

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Casey said...

Your sock fish are so cute! I've never done a rounded toe but they look great. Thanks for the postcard! :)

Alyssa said...

Your socks look adorable! Thanks for the invite to take that class. I don't think I'll do it, but I look forward to seeing what you learn from it:)

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