Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I went to Obedience school for this?

In honor of National Poetry Month,
a knitting verse I decided to write,
I'll start with knitting a ruffle,
I know they're supposed to be tight,

That's the way that they work,
as your wrists start to jerk,
and the needles get into a fight.

Oh the purse will be cute I can see,
created by my friend Jen Mee,
it knits up in a flash,
you can even use STASH
then it would be practically free!

Now I'll move on to knitting a sock
I know this won't come as a shock
when I need to calm down
I just start a round,
and I can be still as a rock.

Do you knit to calm down?
Do you knit in all browns?
Are you stripe driven most?
Do you knit while you post?
Do you know every knit shop in town?

Are you likely to frog,
after knitting through smog,
are you desperate enough to post with
your dog?

If you are then, oh darn,
you're addicted to yarn,
it is not a bad habit
you may buy a rabbit,
and wind up buying a farm!

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Jane said...

That is without a doubt the cutest dog photo I've ever seen!

Pat K said...

Love the poem. And love the dog! Creativity is running rampant at your house today.

Elizabeth said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the poem, too!!!!!

Bernadette said...

LOL!! Very cute... and obedient! my dog would never allow that on his head (and would probably try to eat/chew it!)

Birdsong said...

I loved the dog, but the verse was even better! Reminded me of one of my favorite poets, Dr. Suess. Thanks!

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